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Sunday Morning Ride #2

Today is the 2nd group ride of the year. We were supposed to start riding at 6:30am but I'm the one who set the time 6:30am, I woke up late instead - 6:34am. Luckily all my things are already prepared last night - the bike, the clothes, the drinks, the sandwich -----. Brushed my teeth, change clothes and off I go to my mother's house. Nasib baik rumah hampir (less than 2 mins). We started around 6:47am.

The route is still the same as last week - from sg akar to highway HB and then Tungku Highway, B.Shahbandar (pit stop), Jerudong Park U-turn, Highway Muara and masuk Lambak Kanan. We managed to cover 46.41km in a time of 1:38:52 hours. The ride was like last week with spinning at first then 35km/hr around Tungku Highway. recovery at B.Shahbandar. Easy ride at Jerudong Park all the way to UBD Bridge and then high speed again at 35 to 40. recovery again at Lambak Kanan and then sprint (45 to 58) from Pertama traffic light to Madang traffic light with lastly turning left to Madang for hill climb. phuhhhhhhh.....siokkkkkkkkkkk

After breakfast, all of us lepak at our mother's house and diteruskan dengan aktiviti mencuci basikal since most of our house tidak ada air (rumah bukit) and my mother's house ada air eventhough the water pressure is low.

So masa lepak lepak, we have come up with a few ideas how to improve our team clothing jerseys and long distance ride activities.

  1. Polo Shirt
  2. Custom paint bicycle helmet (cheap helmet to be use only during xpdc)
  3. Running jersey
  4. Socks
  5. Bike ride around Labuan Island
  6. Bike ride from Temburong to BSB via Limbang
  7. Bicycle competition in Malaysia & Singapore 2009/2010. We are targeting the Singapore 100KM MTB 2010.
Some of the projects will be carried out as soon as possible since the Triathlon is coming soon - Polo shirt for our support crews during the competition.

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