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Tuesday Afternoon Run

Yesterday I had a long run of 12.99km. My run was accompanied by Zaeidi and Rafidi. We started our run from home to stadium using the Sg Akar Highway bypass, make one small loop at the stadium and return home. On the way back we saw Ahmad doing his bike training and I saw him again doing his early morning run today. Hebat hebat !!!

After the Sg Akar roundabout, PD & GD speed off leaving me behind. I tried to follow them but I was already tired and have no more extra energy to speed. I only have the energy just to maintain my current pace. At one corner of the road, where I cannot see them anymore, I stop and walk for 2 mins just to recover from the exhaustion. I should have stop at the stadium and refill my energy with 100+. 12.99km in a time of 1:21:46

Next week, we are planning to practice using the triathlon run route, just to familiarize the up and down of the route and next Sunday (not this coming Sunday), we are planning to try the triathlon bike route.

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