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BAD weather

For the past few days, the weather in Brunei hasn't been very good. Heavy rain during the night and continues until early morning causing flash flood and landslides. So many areas have been affected including areas yang inda pernah pernah banjir, kebanjiran.

In conclusion with all this rainy season which will continue untuk beberapa hari yang akan datang or maybe until the end of the month, most probably some outdoor activities will have to be canceled.

The bicycle expedition from KB to Kg Salambigar (this coming Sunday) will most probably have to be canceled due to the current road conditions at KB especially Sg Liang road where some part of the road are affected by landslides with road submerge in water. They have not issue any announcement yet but for safety reason cancel tia - panjang lagi masa, ada 10 bulan lagi. Probably jua lumba basikal jarah jauh 156K mungkin akan di cancel. Lihat & Tunggu.

1 comment:

zulhassan said...

bad weather kena ride MTB bro , sure best punya :D