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Cycle 2 Work

Today managed to cycle to work 26.56km in a time of 57.21mins. I took the longer route. I started from my home to highway Mentiri and to BSB using Jalan Kota Batu. It was just an endurance ride, no speed work, just cruising along. I arrived at my office around 7:15am and most the workers have not arrived, so easy for me to carry my bike without anyone noticing.

After work, of course lah balik pakai basikal. It would sound stupid if you went back home using your car and the bike at the back seat. hahahaha...................

Went back home using Jalan Kebangsaan and stop by at Stadium to meet up with GD and Aliuddin. We did 5 laps around Stadium road with speed interval. After that recovery rest at the Pusat Dakwah bus stop.

I should do this weekly - Cycle 2 Work - Healthy, Fitness, Fuel Saving and Rejuvenation.......

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