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Sea Swim Practice #1

Friday, 13th Feb, 7am at Pantai Serasa around 13 triathletes wannabe (some are already tri-athletes) are trying out the swimming course. I was only informed yesterday afternoon by Ali Sofian Thani, so I only managed to contact a few of my friends. The sea swim familiarization was not organized by the Brunei Triathlon Committee but by some enthusiast athlete. The swim was being monitored by the Brunei Marine Police. Thank you very much guys

Getting ready for the swim. For me, I was wearing the full gear that I'm going to wear for the triathlon event.

Me and GD setting our stop watch. My time was around 38 mins and according to the time keeper, the distance is less than the actual (kurang 300 to 200m). Ahmad time was around 37 mins and GD time was around 44mins

The Brunei Marine Police with their cool ride

Overall, I was pretty much satistied with my performance today. I'm more confidence now that I will be able to finish my swim. Inda ku rugi berminggu minggu ku belajar swimming. I'm ready for the marathon swim. I should register for the Labuan 5.4Km cross channel swim <---I'm not that crazy to try this

Swimming in the sea is very much different from swimming pool. Its salty, cloudy (dark) bottom and not to mention rubbish everywhere. For us today, the starting line was full of rubbish with lots of floating logs.
I heard next week there will be another another swimming session. This time we will bring our bike. We didn't know that today they were also doing the bike route after the swim (brick training).
Until next week...........................


Anonymous said...

Kalau aku kapisan udah tu hahaha. I want to join yang cycling route saja.

ahmad fathi said...

it was a good swim yesterday... we shud do this more often... bah aku layan ni Cross Channel (Labuan) swim ah.. its on my list for this year...

anakpanyu said...

PNG...join us this friday the cycling route saja.

Ahmad...5.4km swim....hmmmm let see dululah....nafsu besar ni. this is around 3 hours swim....