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Sea Swim Practice #2

today was the 2nd sea swim practice at Serasa beach and today we also decided to do the bike and run leg. My swim time was a bit faster compared to last week which was 31.08 mins compared to 37 mins. The sea was cleaner with very little rubbish.

At the start of the swim, a few of us who started at the right side terlanggar batu which we didn't see thus bruising and cuts everywhere in our legs and hands. kacau kacau.

For the bike leg, we didn't join the other cyclists because me and my brother are still waiting for GD to come out of the water.

We were hoping to be able to catch up with them but they were too fast. We only managed to caught up with Ahmad at the lambak kanan traffic light. He said he wasn't able to follow them coz they were too fast for him, so ketinggalan. I guess, their average speed was around 37 t0 42 whereas our speed was averaging around 35km.

We managed to cover 40km in a time of 1:09:39 hours with average speed of 34.6km/hr and max speed of 48km/hr.

For my run, I decided just to do one loop of stadium instead of the 10km triathlon route. I've managed to cover 3.97km in a time of 24.09 mins which was way too slow. The time was around 8:45am and it was very hot. I did run-walk-run. huhhhhhhhh

Since Ahmad left his car at Serasa, he decided to hitch a ride with us but wasn't sure whether the Ranger can accomodate another bicycle (3 bicycles already). I decided just asak saja in between the bikes and hold on to the bike. So Ahmad and me ride at the back of the Ranger with its back door down and we used jalan kampong just to stay safe (selamat kan???).

Ahmad was very worried with his new 'baby'. Kami dengan selamatnya sent Ahmad and his 'baby safe home to Manggis Satu.

Next week is the race day. I think I'm ready for the race and I'm hoping to get a number (5 to 10), hopefully.


Anonymous said...

40k? 1:09? darnnn atu laju tu eh.

anakpanyu said...

atu baru kami ber4, alum lagi group lain yang lebih laju. I guess they could do it 1:05, 1:03 or even sub 1:00

ahmad fathi said...

Thanks for the ride back bro...

i heard the fast guys can do it in under 1 hr...