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Sunday Morning Ride #3

As scheduled, we had our sunday morning ride. Today only 5 cyclists showed up. We managed to cover a distance of 69.22km in a time of 2:38:17 hours.

Sg Akar Highway near Simpang 40

The weather was good and it didn't rain. The route was from Sg Akar to Mentiri Highway then to Serasa beach using Muara road. We have a break at Serasa beach and checking out the triathlon swimming area and the transition (T1) for the bike leg.

The triathlon swimming area.

After 15 mins rest, we continue our journey using the triathlon bike route. We noticed that the road at Serasa is a bit rough with a few potholes. Along Muara Tutong Highway, it is a straight incline ride against the wind. 2 km after the muara highway roundabout, we have to change lane to the other side since there is a road construction thus killing the speed that we have built up. A major turn off.

There are a few places where you can speed off because 'jalan nya menurun' especially Hutan Simpan Berakas Highway and Tungku Link highway.

We have a good ride today and kinda know exactly what to expect during the triathlon bike leg. The bike route selection was good without any steep hill just an incline/gradient. The run will be a bit of a challenge since they include supa save mabohai hill which is verrrrry long.

The New Bike - It's not mine

Summary of these weeks activities

Monday: Recovery
Tuesday: 9.47km run (triathlon run route)
Wednesday: Morning swim 3X500m
Thurs: Morning 5km run with afternoon brick 20k bike with 5k run
Friday: recovery
Saturday: morning 10.94km run
Sunday: 69.22km bike ride

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