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Tasek Merimbun Run 2009

Event: Cabaran Marathon Merimbun 2009
Date & Time: Sunday, 6;30am, 1st March 2009
Venue: Tasek Merimbun, Tutong
Categories: 4 Male categories and 2 Female Categories
Registration Fees: B$5.00 for Male below 18 years and B$10.00 for other categories
Closing Date: 15th February 2009
Distance: 14km for Male 18 years to 44 years and 9 km for Male 45 years above and ALL Female runners
Registration Form : LINK

This is not a marathon run eventhough the event name says Cabaran Marathon Merimbun. The distance is not even 42km. The event should have been 'Cabaran Larian Tasek Merimbun' or Tasek Merimbun Run.

The event coincide with 3rd Brunei Triathlon thus the probability of winning the run is high because some of the faster runners is participating in the triathlon.


ahmad fathi said...

cali jua d brunei ani, selalu clash saja events nya ani... tabak2 saja datenya....

Anonymous said...

awu.. cubatah next week nya sudah pun event ani jarang ada!