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Week 6(2009) - 02/02 - 08/02

It was a slow week due to hujan di sana sini, turun inda berschedule. So to cut short, below were my activities;

Monday: Recovery
Tuesday: Recovery (Hujan)
Wednesday: Morning 5km run and Afternoon swimming lesson
Thursday: Afternoon bike ride 21.44km
Friday: recovery (swimming pool break down)
Saturday: 3X500m swim at Anggerek Desa Swimming pool
Sunday: 62.97 km bike ride

The weather is getting better nowadays and with raining only occuring at night (sakajap saja). 18 more days to triathlon and I've seen a lot of athlete doing their training. This year will be the year where we will see alot of new Triathlon bike compared to the previous triathlon. If I'm not mistaken only 1 or 2 Triathlon bike were being used at that time. This year, most probably more than 5 triathlon bikes ranging from Scott, Pinarello, Quintana Roo and not forgetting Cervelo - the number 1 Triathlon bike and maybe a few other triathlon bike that I'm not aware they have bought.

Keep on training...............................Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China - the list goes on

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