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2nd Bukit Markucing Challenge 2009

Date & Time: Sunday, 12th April 2009, 6:00am
Venue: Bukit Markucing, Simpang 527, Kg Belimbing Subok, Mukim Kota Batu
Distance: ~3.5km
Categories: 4 Male Categories and 3 Female Categories
Registration Fees: BND$2.00
Closing Date: Friday, 5:00pm, 10th April 2009
Download Registration Form : LINK
Registration form can be obtained and submitted to the following names:

Awg.Hj.Mohd.Daud bin Karim - Pengerusi / Ketua Kampong Belimbing Tel: 2261340 / Fax: 2260340
Awg.Daud bin Jihan – Setiausaha Majlis Perundingan Kampong Belimbing Tel: 2260504 / 8922286
Awg.Yusery bin Hj.Mohd.Daud – Ketua Biro Belia dan Sukan Tel: 2261340 / 8918593
Awg.Zainal bin Pg.Daud Tel : 8918592

The competition is only open for Brunei Darussalam residents - male and female 15 years and above.


PNG said...

Never been there. How's the route? is it steep?

anakpanyu said...

not as challenging as Bukit Shahbandar. Only one big hill and a few small hills.