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XPDC Berbasikal Kg Rimba 2009

Event: Expedisi Berbasikal Sempena Jubli Perak Hari Kebangsaan Brunei
Organiser: Majlis Perundingan Kampong Rimba, Mukim Gadong A
Date& Time: Sunday, 6:45am 24th May 2009.
Start & Finish Area: Pusat Kesihatan Rimba Gadong, Simpang 256-23, Jalan Kampong Rimba
Distance: ~34km
Basic Rule: Must 18 years above, Must wear helmet, No BMX and speed limit of 25km/hr
Entry Fee: BND$3.00
Registration Dateline: Thursday 4:30pm, 14th May 2009
Registration form are available from: Triple Star Kiulap or all the head villages of Mukim Gadong A

Registration form is not available from this website because the form is mark with a serial numbers. So please make the effort and initiative to go to the respective shop or head villages of Mukim Gadong A.

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