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Cycle 2 temburong – the report

Sunday 10th May 2009, 8 cyclists (6 MTB and 2 Road Bikes) successfully cycle from Kuala Lurah to Temburong via Limbang without any problems.


6 of us (the anakpanyus) cycle from our home base i.e. Sg Akar. We started around 5:40am and reached Kuala Lurah Immigration Checkpoint around 7:12am. A distance of around 35km. 2 Cyclists waited for us over here.


Brunei immigration checkpoint – 7:14am


Limbang Immigration Checkpoint – 7:21am


We started our journey to Limbang town around 7:30am a distance of 42km


8:48am – Somewhere along the road to Limbang


9:12am – A few more kilometres to Limbang Town


9:40am – Finally we reached Limbang Town and we had our breakfast. It took us around 2 hours to reach Limbang Town with an average speed of 25km/h.




We continued our journey to Sungai Pendaruan Immigration Checkpoint, Limbang. It is around 16km from Limbang town.


Queuing up at the immigration checkpoint – 10:52am


Boarding the ferry at 11:05am and we don’t have to pay.




Always protect your face from the sun.


11:11am – Continue the journey to Puni Immigration Checkpoint


11:15am – Puni Immigration Checkpoint, Temburong


We reached Bangar, Temburong around 11:45am. We had our lunch at the government rest house.


13:16am – Going back to BSB using boat. That light blue shirt guy accidentally unclip my speedometer and guess what, it fell to the water. I’ve just bought it 2 weeks ago. *****

The total distance covered 116.67km in a time of 9hours 25mins according to one of the bicycle speedometer. On average, the speed was around 25km/h since most of us are using MTB with big knobby tires.

Sg Akar to Kuala Lurah – 35km – 1.5hours
Kuala Lurah to Limbang – 42km – 2hours
Limbang to Ferry Temburong – 16km
Ferry Temburong to Bangar – 5km
Bangar to BSB by boat – don’t know
BSB to Sg Akar - 11km

Our next project is Cycling Expedition to Labuan Island and most probably before puasa.