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The new recreational park


The recreational park is located between Ministry of Health and Ministry of Finance building. I guess the park is not officially open yet but I guess the public can use it already as I have seen joggers using it. Next to it is a colorful building – If I’m not mistaken it is called - Pusat Kesihatan


It is a very safe place, no cars to worry about to knock you down. The only problem is that it is surrounded by thick bushes and jungle. You have to be accompanied by your friends (especially girls).

P5200405 P5200407

So far the only facilities that this park provide is a hut, a jogging path good for walkers, joggers, runners and cyclists.

P5200409 P5200413

A few open hard dry field are available. If they develop it to make it nicer, then it would be good. Then we can play Ultimate Frisbee, Football, Picnicking and etc.

Go and check it out……………….

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