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cabaran bukit mentiri


The event was held today, Sunday 14th June 2009 at Bukit Mentiri. A few of my brothers, nephews and niece did join in the race.


Zaeidi and Baharudin and we are in the same category 18 to 34 years old. I was supposed to be in category 35 to 44 years old but since my age have not reach 35 (in a few months time) so I just follow the youngster categories.


For our category we have to run the red and yellow marker i.e. 2.7km + 1.8km = 4.5km


Sefli – Brunei current no 1 runner and he is winning this run

P6140458  Zaeidi ‘sayur-ed’ me around 5 mins. He is getting faster and faster and at the right time and the right age – PRIME time to be in the peak of performance whereas for me I was somewhere behind my prime time – slowing down.




P6140473  The unofficial result. Zaeidi was top 10 and I was somewhere 18th place.


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