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Week 25 - 15/06/09 - 21/06/09

Monday: UF Practice at JIS
Tuesday: Afternoon Swim 1300m and 5km track run
Wednesday: UF practice at MOH
Thursday: 5km night run
Friday: Morning long ride to Tutong and afternoon swim
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Olympic Day Run 10Km

This week is still my recovery week. I have not fully recovered from the previous weeks activities. Too many activities this month and next week I still have a few activities. Bila tah kan beranti.

This year Olympic Day Run 2009, I managed to break my 2 year old records of 49 mins to 44:45mins. I was pretty much satisfied with my performance today eventhough I didn't managed to outrun Zaeidi (He was leading by 20 seconds).

34 days to my first Half Ironman (Ironman 70.3). It is 1.9km sea swim, 90km bike ride and lastly half marathon (21km) run. For this, I would need to concentrate more on swimming and running. Other than that 'BRICK' sessions. Most probably this will be my last competition (international) for this year and I will be having my long break until December next year. Locally, I will still be competing. Next year, my target is Phuket International Triathlon which is held every December.

Keep on training....................and hope for the best.

1 comment:

zulhassan said...

44minit for 10km....power tu, congrat bro.