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Xterra – the race part 1


Our flight to Kuantan, Pahang via Kuala Lumpur was on Friday, 5th June 2009. The flight was at 3pm from Brunei to K.Lumpur. It’s around 2:15pm and we are still queuing to get our boarding pass. The bicycle bag/box says Merida and Giant but the content inside is a GT bike and a KONA bike



We arrived at the KLIA airport around 5:30pm. We took our luggage from the arrival hall and get our boarding pass at the departure hall for our next flight to Kuantan in 10:00pm. Our luggage was not automatically transferred to the next flight because at the Brunei airport, the stewardess forgot to key in.


We arrived at Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport, Kuantan Pahang around 10:45pm. Since it is a small airport, so we have to walk down the runway. The airport taxi here doesn’t have big taxi like the KIA Carnival. They have the Proton Perdana. So we used 2 taxis and we put the box at the back seat of the car. Luckily the box can fit in.


P6050421 IMG_3642

This is our room. We are staying near the race venue. The Hyatt Hotel at Teluk Cempedak. The room can fit in 2 bikes and an additional bed. We also have a balcony to dry our clothes.

IMG_3651 IMG_3660

Saturday morning, we are heading to the race venue to check out the place. The Bike Boutique was also there selling their merchandise. I didn’t bought anything since I don’t have the extra cash.


The yellow t-shirt guy is Sharom Abdullah. Malaysia top triathlete, duathlete and a very good mountain biker. Overall he got number 6th in the PRO category in a time of 2:39:24, 26 mins behind the leader. We managed to talk with him asking him about the MTB trail. Getting a few pointers from him. Learnt from the PRO.That Zaeidi’s bike being checked. Somehow his rear disc brake is not working so the guys at Bike boutique is checking it. P6060431

Race number collection was at Vistana Hotel by which we have to take a taxi to that hotel. Why just don’t they do it at the race venue. This was 12:52 noon and we have to head back to the race venue to check in our bike because the dateline to check in the bike is at 4:30pm.



2:45pm. We check in our bike. They test the brake and the headset.






P6060437 P6060436 P6060452

The briefing was at Vistana Hotel. Luckily Zulhassan gave us a lift to the hotel. The briefing was supposed to start at 5pm but was delayed to 5:45pm.

The carbo loading dinner started at 7pm and luckily it was on time. Zulhassan & Me were the 1st to carbo load our plate with those yummy yummy food. Sorry no photo, too hungry to take any photo.


We went back to the race venue around 8pm and checking the transition area. There were so many mountain bikes. There are some downhill bikes and some road bike frame converted to a hybrid (MTB tyres and handlebar) but the fork is still the same. They should have not allowed this bike to race. Its dangerous without a suspension.


We went back to the hotel around 8:30pm and I passed out around 9pm. Zaeidi and Aliuddin went to slept around 11pm.

Next post…..RACE DAY

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