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Xterra – sneak peak of the offroad trail

Most of the pictures I got from facebook taken by various peoples who have tested the trail especially the MTB trail. Since some of the participants do not have facebook or have the time to test the trails, I’ll just share the pictures

The official website –



1st Offroad

Start of the Off-road MTB trail 

Offroad 2

Offroad 3


Offroad 5 Offroad 4

Offroad 7

Offroad 6 

Offroad 8


The trail running path

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PNG said...

good luck broooo this Sunday.

TriStupe said...

:D ini semua my gambar. :) taken either from my D90 or my SE K770i...also K750i...i did the trail like...6 times over 8 weekends...each time, fine tuning it...and at the end of the day, i did not get to race! :(