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Freedom To Run

Freedom To Run - is an event organiser based in Singapore. Their main objectives are to help self sponsored athlete to participate in any events in Singapore, Malaysia or anywhere in the world.

They make it hassle free for you so that you can concentrate on the running. From transport to accommodation, They will take care for you. You can forget about car parking problem, collection of race kit, transfer from hotel to starting point etc.

They have successfully help athlete from Singapore to participate in Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2009.

They are currently trying to provide race packages to exotic races such as Petra Marathon, Polar Circle Marathon, Great Wall of China Marathon, The BIG five marathon, The Great Tibetan Marathon.

Polar circle marathon-logo Big 5 marathon-logo PetraMarathon-1 Great wall marathon-logo Great tibetan marathon-logo

Participating in these races such as Great Wall of China Marathon, you need to register via an authorised travel agents. You just cannot register for the race and run it. You have to take the whole packages offered by the agents including sight seeing tour and the nearest agent if I'm not mistaken is at HongKong. Now I can just book from them. The whole expenses might be around USD1000 for a week trip.

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