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Kite Season is ON !!!!

Musim Kikek dah bermula. Jadinya dinasihatkan kepada semua penunggang basikal dan motosikal agar berhati hati ketika menghampiri kawasan tempat bermain kikek terutama kawasan Masjid Kg Perpindahan Lambak Kanan.

The kite is not dangerous but the string of the kite is dangerous. Usually in Brunei, the string is glued with very very small shredded glasses either from bottles, testubes or any kind of sharp glasses. Basically, the objective is to cut other kite flyers strings with your home made sharp strings. So to those who can make the strong & sharp string and a good techniques of kite 'dog-fight' will usually win. It is a good healthy outdoor sports and easy tanning.

The problem here is with the string that is being cut. It is being cut way up in the sky and it will carried away by the kite and wind until it landed either on the ground or up on the trees. 'Kite Hunters' usually took the kite and left behind the 'glass-string' and it is seldom dispose properly. This is where it becomes dangerous to US - cyclists. If it is on the ground, it is ok, but if it is still hanging from trees, houses, poles to other erected structures 5ft from the ground and if you accidentally run over it, it will easily cut (melukakan bukan memutuskan) your body. It can also damage the body of the car with the scredded glass strings.

So guys, avoid those areas. BE VERY CAREFUL.


ian yusof said...

oh wow .. this is new. Probably i should use the razor blades on my string ... hehehhe

anakpanyu said...

for us bruneian, this has been around for ages, even before we were born. razor blade is not recommended because it is heavy.

the glass are usually grinded to tiny small pieces - macam gula or garam sizes and glued to the strings