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McFarm ride 19th July 2009

The last time I was here was in November 2008 and that time the trail was very challenging. The road was not in a good state. Some hills I did not managed to climb all the way up due to the terrible conditions – potholes everywhere. But now, the road is in good condition (eventhough it is still off road). Ordinary 4WD cars can go in easily.

I guess the local villages around the area have fixed the road so that it will be accessible to everyone. There is even ATV bike rentals facilities being provided to tour along the trail. Please check

PB020075 P7190511

2nd November 2008                               19th July 2009

 P7190503  P7190516 P7190518 P7190520 P7190521 P7190525

The trip was from McFarm Kg Tungku to Kg Tg Bunut. On the way out of the jungle, Sofian Thani’s MTB chain ‘putus’, so with limited tools, they modified the chain, cut it short and join it together and it took us around 45 minutes to solve it.


P7190528 P7190531 P7190537

Total distance covered approximately 25km – off-road and on-road trail.

I’ve managed to conquer all the hills but I was slow on the downhill part. Everyone was flying down the hill. I was to chicken to let go off my brake. For sure I’ll be back here again pretty soon.


ian yusof said...

looks like a fun ride ...
Do you have many MTB trails in Brunei?

anakpanyu said...

We have a few MTB trails overhere and most of it are hillys