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My New Discs

My new frisbee has arrived - 11 Discs altogether. 10 From Discraft and 1 from Flashflight (The Red LED).

The white discs (3 of it)I'll be selling it for BND$20 and rest will be for my personal use.

Currently, I have more than 15 discs and I'm planning to buy other colors such as pink, red, blue, etc.

These 50 Discs are being sold by Radzi at $20, $21 for night glow & $22 for UV

ULTIMATE !!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan,

i'm interested to get ur frisbee...cana kan contact?


anakpanyu said...

my frisbee already sold out but my friend radzi still have a lot of stock. to buy, you can come during our ultimate frisbee fun day at Jerudong Park Playground grass field near the main entrance every Sunday from 4:30pm to 8pm. You can look for me Bahar or Radzi.

Anonymous said...

assalam , masih kamu bejual disc ani ? I'm interested to buy one or two .

Anonymous said...

hye, how can i buy this disk from you?