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RTB-DST Tower Hill Climb

Date: Friday, 31st July 2009
Location: RTB-DST Tower Hill
Entrance: Via Kota Batu Road before Muzium
Distance: 1000m (1km) uphill climb all the way with 6 corners
Gradient: Don't know how to grade but the same as Ministry of Foreign Affair (MFA) Hill.
Time Taken To Climb: Don't have time to measure, maybe 8 to 12 mins
Results: Did not managed to climb all the way up non-stop. Have to stop halfway due to energy drain out. Wait for 3 minutes and continue again.

Advice: Try first the MFA Hill. If you can climb the hill smoothly without any problem, then most probably you can finish the climb. MFA hill is 200m S-bend Climb while this hill is 1000m 6 Corners hill i.e. 5X MFA hill. Once you conquered this hill, other hill like Muzium Kota Batu Hill & Mentiri is like peanut. very easy.

Recommended: After going downhill safely, turn left and climb Muzium Kota Batu hill and then to Mentiri Hill. You'll be surprised that its kinda soft or the other way round, you'll collapsed....hahahaha

N.B. I used 39/23 - the lightest possible configuration on my bike and I'm struggling. If the configuration was 39/25, 39/27 or 34/25, that would most probably make my life easier - kali jua tu. I think I need to change my cassette again from 12-23 to 12-27

Next target: This coming friday, 7th August 2009. Morning

Results: Friday Morning, 7th August 2009 - All 3 of us managed to climb in 6:08mins. Next target is to try to get 5:30mins.

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