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Week 35 - 24/08 - 30/08

Monday: -
Tuesday: -
Wednesday: -
Thursday: 6km treadmill run
Friday: -
Saturday: -
Sunday: Trail walking at Tasek Lama

Not much happening this week due to I was away in KL for 6 days. I've only managed to run 6 km while I was there. The time was very limited. Sungkai was around 7:23pm - 1 hour behind Brunei and at least 1 hour after that baru dapat berlari but remember to makan ala kadar saja, takut nanti perut panuh, inda mampu terlari. Lapas berlari baru tah makan berabis.

Next week, I'll try to do 3 to 4 times maximum. Some of my friends already started their training on the 2nd day of fasting.

Puasa dan beramal ibadat tetap dibuat tapi latihan tetap diteruskan at a minimum level.

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