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30th Panaga Triathlon

The announcement was published in the Borneo Bulletin last Saturday, 19th September 2009. The 30th edition will be held on 22nd November 2009, 2 months from now.

If any of you have read the 'Panaga Triathlon Pre-Read document', they have changed a few itineraries. (check their website - LINK)

1. There will no competitor briefing the night before the event
2. The bicycle event will be 22.8km (2 loops) for the full event and 11.4km (1 lap) for the mini triathlon. Last year it was 24km (3 loops) for the full event and 16km (2 loops) for the mini triathlon.

I hoped you guys will read it and take note of it and not make the mistake of doing 3 laps.

All registration form and information can be downloaded at their website or from here. The closing date of the registration is on the 13th November 2009. Payment can be made on the day of the event (BND$20 per person)

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