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jalan jalan cari basikal di singapore



This was taken at Suntec City at one of the Optical Shop


This is the service cleaner bicycle – eco friendly


Lance Armstrong’s Trek Madone Bicycle. Price $$$ Not cheap. We saw it at Treknology bicycle shop at Tanglin. Just a few steps from Orchard Road.


Belt-Drive Single Speed Bike – Trek District



BIG Giant Helmet!!!!


This is ‘THE BIKE’ – Pinarello Prince of Spain. We saw it at one of the bicycle shops. The owner is one rich guy. It is around S$15K or more than that

To me this BIKE is almost a PERFECT BIKE but take a look at the picture below.


Take a look at the pedal. Is it a road or MTB pedal??


The ‘saddle’

You decide……………..


J said...

bro, brapa tah harganya trek fixie single speed ah?

Anonymous said...

Time RXS Pedals? Road i think...

anakpanyu said...

the pedal is MTB Time Z Control

The pricing I'm not sure because we didn't ask. You could email them ask about it.