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Menentukan arah kiblat

Hari Sabtu 13 Syawal 1430 / 3 October 2009, I’ve decided to ask Jabatan Ukur to point me to correct direction of the ‘Kiblat’. The application for determining the direction kiblat at your area is very fast.

I went to Jabatan Ukur (2nd Floor) on Wednesday morning at Old Airport Berakas, fill in the form and pay B$55 for the services + 2 stickers. Actually they wanted to come on Thursday morning but since I’m not working on Saturday, so I asked them to come on Saturday morning. Half an hour later, they finished their job.

Efficient, fast and very good. Job well done.


 PA030289 They have done their calculation based on my location.

PA030282Checking the direction

PA030287Marking the kiblat using the green paper. That paper will be used as a direction marker for all the room in the house. No need to re-measure every room with the equipment ( as long as your house wall which point to the kiblat doesn’t change direction)

  PA030292The green paper marking
PA030294The Kiblat sticker.


Results of the calculation and with my previous direction using the compass. The direction was somehow different.

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