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Week 41 - 05/10 - 11/10

Monday: Recovery
Tuesday: Morning trail walk at Tasek Lama and afternoon Ultimate Frisbee at JIS
Wednesday: Recovery
Thursday: 5km morning run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Morning bike ride 23.80km
Sunday: 13 km offroad/onroad run

This week from Monday to Sunday, I have not yet fully recovered from last saturday & sunday back to back training. All my training, I felt tired and not enough energy.

The cause of my tiredness is because not enough rest or in other words lack of sleep.

Last week, I managed to do 5 runs and I was hyper active. Most of the time I slept very early around 9pm / 930pm. Woke up usually around 5am, morning exercise and then after that work. Afternoon after lunch, power nap around 45mins. After work no exercise. I was happy.

Next week 12/10 to 18/10 will be my last run before tapering the next week. I only allocate 1 week of tapering.

This is what I have learnt. Good rest equal to good training. Lack of rest will affect your training & fitness.

Keep on improving..............................................

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