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Scody Tour de Perth 2009

Event Name
Scody Tour de Perth
13th November 2009 to 15th November 2009
3 day 4 stages race
Event Venue
Perth, Western Australia, Australia

There must be a reason why I am posting this race. It is because one of our top Brunei cyclist is competing in the race. He is sponsored by one of the cycling team.
I heard from a few of my cyclists friend that one of the Brunei cyclist is joining the race in Perth. So I did some checking on the internet and goggling about the race.

I managed to get the full starting lists of cyclists for the tour de Perth and there it was  - A Bruneian name – Reduan Yusop (Team Scody) Elite Men – information from
Picture from Pesta Sukan Kebangsaan 2008

The race is divided into 4 stages which include criterium NIGHT race, multi-lap course, sprint, king of the mountain and time trial.


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