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Week 45 - 02/11 - 08/11

Monday- recovery
Tuesday- Morning 5km run and afternoon 1000m swim
Wednesday - Afternoon bike ride 46.16km
Thursday - recovery
Friday - Afternoon bike ride 41.38km
Saturday - Morning track run 10x400m warm up with 5x200m 40sec - 200m recovery
Sunday - Recovery / Rest

It was pretty much a busy week. Mostly unscheduled exercise/training. My body is still recovering from yesterday and the day before. Luckily today I have some work to do early in the morning, so I missed out on my morning group ride. So after work and breakfast, I slept, lunch and then slept again.

I've started joining group 5:30 at the stadium for their bicycle ride. I've joined them 3X and so far 'ketinggalan saja' on the way back. Most of the time the speed is betweem 35k/h to 40k/h and the speed can even reach to 50++. Walaupun ketinggalan, semangat tetap diteruskan, if not how am I going to improve and be as good as them. If compared to Sofian, Ahmad, GD and Ali, I'm no 5.

I've also started my speed run training. I need to get back my speed. With improve speed and endurance, then I can improve my time whatever the distance.

Keep on training......................................

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aharis said...

Kalau datang Penang Bridge Run.. bagitau.. Saya sambut dengan ferry