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15 things a runner should know

  1. Always run against the traffic if you’re running on the road.
  2. Run on the sidewalks as protection from the traffic
  3. Always give way to faster runner
  4. When you see other runners, be polite by saying Hi or smile or wave
  5. There will always be other runners who are faster than you
  6. Stay on your left and pass on the right
  7. Do not run and then smoke afterwards, that is a no no. Choose either one not  both.
  8. Running reduce the chances of getting chronic diseases such as heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc but not 100%
  9. Running should be fun and makes you happy
  10. Any time is a good time to run
  11. You are never too old to run
  12. Don’t wait for you to fall sick to start running, start now when you are healthy
  13. Running is the cheapest of all sports
  14. Running makes you look younger and healthy
  15. You sleep better after a good run.

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