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31 days of running completed

I’VE DONE IT !!! 31 days of running everyday in the month of December 2009. It wasn’t easy to run everyday. Too many obstacles and distractions.

I ran early morning, late afternoon and sometimes at night. The only time that I didn’t run was in the mid afternoon – lunch time. I ran on the road, off road and on treadmill. I should have done also stairs running, that would make it more challenging.

My total runs for this month alone equals to 117.24km with distance ranging from 1km to 10km. Some days I’m too lazy to run but I have to, so I just ran from my home to Roundabout Tiong Hin (1.82km) or running along the river.

I ran solo and sometimes in group of 2, 3 and 4. Other days I would do run-bike or bike –run training just to mix it up.





1 1.79km/10:15mins 17 10km/57:16mins
2 5k/31:25mins 18 5km/24:39mins
3 5k/31:12mins 19 2km/13:43mins
4 3.82km/22:03mins 20 1.82km/10:45mins
5 3.72km/21:35mins 21 5km/32:34mins
6 5km/25:54mins 22 1.82km/9:27mins
7 5.55km/35:07mins 23 2km/13:14mins
8 5.5km/35:18mins 24 3.78/24:33mins
9 1.79km/10:20mins 25 1.82km/10:54mins
10 8km/52:30mins 26 1:07km/6:37mins
11 1.4km/7:01mins 27 4.35km/49:49mins
12 3.82km/27:09mins 28 3km/18:19mins
13 1.79km/9:46mins 29 1.82km/10:33mins
14 5km/41:49mins 30 4.76km/31:41mins
15 5km/34:03mins 31 1.82km/10:15mins
16 5km/33:12mins Total 117.24km


Tomorrow will be the 1st day of 2010 and I only have 5 months to prepare for the Ultramarathon. Hopefully I can improve my 2008 time.

Keep on running…………

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