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goodbye 2009, welcome 2010

I’ve done my calculation for this year and it seems that my running is less compared to last year 2008. Last year  I’ve managed to run 913.50km while this year 2009, I’ve only managed to run 788.74km. Why is that????Hopefully next year, my running will improve and if possible I want to reach the 1,000km mark.

What did I achieved for the past 12 months – 365 days.

  Triathlon I’ve done my first Olympic Distance triathlon in Brunei and I managed to get 10th place in my age group categories
  X-Terra Triathlon I’ve participated the 1st off-road triathlon held in Kuantan Pahang Malaysia. 1.5km sea swim, 30km MTB and 10km trail running. It was a very good experience and I would recommend to anyone to join it
  Trail Running North Face Singapore 50km duo. It wasn’t a very good experience. I would expect for it to be off-road running but somehow it was a mixture of road and off-road. What a waste of my new off-road shoes. I should have wore my road running shoes.
  1km  walkathon What can I say about this walkathon. I didn’t even sweat. macam bejalan ke kedai ada jua rasanya.
  160km Century Ride None of us actually reached the goal of 160km. Hopefully next year we can reached the goal of 160km bike ride.
  Bike Trip We managed to cycle from our home to Temburong via Limbang and went back using boat. It was a good experience.
  Ultimate Frisbee The game of Ultimate Frisbee was introduced to Brunei around March and I have been playing ever since.
Its a very fast game with lots of running. Good for my speed & sprint exercise. I’ll resume playing after 3 months of no UF.


Next Year 2010 Projects

  4th Brunei Triathlon To Be Confirmed.
  Brunei 21K To be held 4th April. TBC
  Singapore Ultra marathon 84km of running to be held on 29th May
  Pesta Sukan Kebangsaan Probably to be held around June school holidays.
  Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya July 2010. 1.9km swim, 90km bike and 21km run
  Borneo Marathon Held in Kota Kinabalu around October. probably I’ll do 21k or 42k – Preparation for Ironman Langkawi 2011
  Lombok Triathlon Held in Lombok, Indonesia around November
  Miri Triathlon Usually end of November
  Singapore Marathon Held early December. Probably I’ll do 42km – preparation for Ironman Langkawi 2011
  Kinabalu Cycling Challenge Mid December. Maybe I’ll join it.
  Bike Trip 1. To Tasek Merimbun
2. Exploring Labuan Island
3. Return trip to Temburong
4. Climb to Kinabalu Park
(If we can do at least 1 bike trip, that is good enough)


Not all above projects will be carried out. Mungkin ikut, mungkin inda jadi.

Projects 2011 – Iroman Langkawi Malaysia (February) – 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42 km run. I have around 14 months to prepare for it. So part of 2010 projects are

1. To cycle 120km at least once a month so that my legs will get use to the long distance cycling.

2. Do as much as I can 42km marathon running.

Keep on doing it………………….

1 comment:

iamsyah said...

Lesser mileage, but faster pace? :)

Happy New Year bro!