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kayakton 2009

Last Sunday, 13th December 2009, my brother Aliuddin and me participated in Kayakton Event. The purposed of the event was to collect donations for the victims of Indonesia’s Earthquake and Philippine’s storm

PC130298 PC130296

I heard the participation was limited to 30 peoples but I noticed it did not even reached 20 peoples. It look so many peoples are due to the organizer also acquired help from the Kayak association so that each kayak will be one participant (sitting in-front) and one pro kayaker (sitting at the back for maneuvering the kayak).

PC130304 PC130313

The number of kayaks is also limited thus some of us did not experience the full journey of the expedition. Actually the kayak can accommodate 3 peoples but they only allowed it after checkpoint 6. The problem again they don’t have enough paddles. So some of us just stay at the boat. Luckily this event was free – you only donate any amount of money, if not minta refund ku…….. rugi saja datang, inda ikut bekayuh.  

PC130307 PC130308

Receiving donations from one of the Penghulu

PC130315 PC130316


PC130321PC130322   PC130326PC130324  PC130333 PC130334

In term of safety, it was EXCELLENT. We have help from the Police, Fire Brigade, Custom & Exercise Department, Forestry Department, Medical Team and etc. It was safety all the way. Good job

PC130335 PC130340 PC130343 PC130358



PC130367 PC130368 PC130370 PC130373

Receiving donations from one of the head village of Kg Ayer.

PC130398 PC130385 PC130387 PC130400

Overall, it was ‘bulih-lah experience’. For me, I was just relaxing on the boat. I have fun but not as I have would expected.

They should have provide more kayaks and more paddles enough for the limited number participants. bukannya ramai hantap.

Furthermore, I would rated this event just an average. The person in charge need to be self aware and be polite to others.

Keep on improving……………….

Notes: next week is another Bicycleton with the same purpose and objective. Hopefully it wouldn’t be as …….. as this one.

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