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Week 49 - 30/11 - 06/12

Monday - rest
Tuesday - Night run
Wednesday - Morning run 5km
Thursday - Morning run 5km
Friday - Afternoon run 3.62km
Saturday - Brick training 22.53km bike / 3.72km run
Sunday - Afternoon 5km run

So far, I've managed to run everyday and I have another 25 days of running to complete. I've only limit my run to 5km so that I can recover quickly for the next day run and most of pace is very slow. Usually my 5k time is below 30 mins but nowadays more than 30 mins.

Maybe tomorrow I'll try to increase the distance maybe 6 to 7 km.  The importance thing is recovery. Getting enough sleep nowadays are pretty much hard to get - if I get 7 hours of sleep - that is already considered good enough.

Keep on training.................................

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