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training with the brunei national team


IMG_4931-1 If you see this signage, please slow down and be careful. Cyclists in training mode. Show your support by honking your car’s horn 3 times. Horn, horn, horn !!!


This year 2010 starting from January, Brunei has a new cycling coach. His name is Coach Yafiz Jamaludin from Malaysia. Before this he was the state cycling coach for Selangor.

We are very lucky that those not in the program can join in anytime we want either in the morning or afternoon session. Not just the national cyclists but us the weekend cyclists can benefit it also.


Usually a short briefing will be held before each ride just to inform the distance, the route and the speed. Sunday ride is usually for longer distance from 100k to 200k. These photos were taken during the 130k and 100k ride. 130k for the elite and 100k for MTB and weekend warriors.



Anyone are welcome to join. As long as you can maintain the speed 30k/h to 35k/h, then you should be ‘ALMOST’ ok. What I’ve found out is that their easy ride is around 35km/h and seldom below than that. Sometimes I can keep up with them and sometime I just fall behind. To join in the training you have to be properly rested, hydrated and fully energize (carbo loading).

P1170312-1P1170306 IMG_4913IMG_4938

Keep on riding…………………….

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