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Saturday time trial test

The test was done at Lumapas to Junjongan bypass. 27km stretch of road. 13km from the Lumapas T-junction to the roundabout at Kuala Lurah near the Shell Petrol Station and back to the starting line at T-junction. 20 cyclists showed up for the test including the national team, Group 5:30 and other cyclists. Only one person used a time trial bike.

Since the test is being done somewhere far from the town. We have to go there by bike – 29km and this is also part of the warm up ride with an average speed of 28km/h.


P2060297 P2060298

The first to go were the junior riders and the elite fast riders will go last. One minute apart between each rider.

P2060301 P2060300

The senior riders at the back – all the pros waiting at the back.

 P2060299 P2060302


P2060306P2060304 P2060307P2060316

The Coach checking on the time and finalizing the final time


The results. Out of 20 cyclists, I’m no 15th with a time of 47:25mins for a distance of 27km – average speed 34.17km/h and average cadence of 95 to 105. I’m very much satisfied with my achievements.

Fastest time was Raihan with a time of 40:19mins. So according to my calculator, Raihan average speed would be around 40.18km/h. I should take this overall results, put it in excel format and put down the average speed of every cyclists.

Rank Name Time (mins) Ave Speed (km/h
1 Raihan 40:19 40.18
2 Reduan 40:31 39.98
3 Halid 42:06 38.48
4 B-Boy 42:39 37.98
5 Landing 42:42 37.94
6 Azizul 42:47 37.87
7 Madi 43:45 37.03
8 Ah Heng 44:01 36.80
9 Jason 44:06 36.73
10 Boy 44:06 36.73
11 Hj Abu 44:32 36.38
12 Amin 45:25 35.67
13 Pae 45:41 35.46
14 Faiz 46:04 35.17
15 Bahar 47:25 34.17
16 Pee 50:06 32.34
17 Reza 50:14 32.25
18 Zaim 50:24 32.14
19 Hj Jaafar 52:25 30.91
20 Zainol 52:45 30.71


During the 27km ride, I’ve only managed to overtake Reza while 5 other cyclists managed to overtake me. Until next month for another time trial test.

Keep on training…………….


Dad said...

Looks like fun. Where do I find out about these time trials and other group rides?

anakpanyu said...

time trial ride is usually held early of the month.

Long group rides (100km to 200km) usually on Sunday starting at the Stadium Game Village.Speed is between 35k/h to 48k/h. This long ride is with the national team.

Weekdays after work group ride (40km to 70k) 5:30pm start at Stadium Parking Lot near the big scoreboard.