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Sg Akar recreational park.

This picures was emailed to me by Mike last November 2009. This site was used to be a main rubbish area where all the rubbish collected in Brunei Muara are dumped here. Now this place has been converted to a recreational park and currently not yet open to public. The main entrance / gate is guarded by a private security company.

It is located at the Sg Akar roundabout going to Kg Subok / Salambigar. From my house it is 20mins easy run, 10mins by bike and 5 to 7 minutes by car.


It is still an open area, not many tall trees. It may take 5 to 15 years for this place to be properly shaded with tall trees.


No visible footpath for walking, joggging, running or cycling. What you see is a cemented road for cars.Therefore it is not ideal to share the road with cars and runners.




While waiting for it to be officially / unofficially open, Just used other recreational parks.

Keep on waiting………………….

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