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week 7 - 15/02/10 - 21/02/10

Monday - MTB at Bukit Ambuk Tutong
Tuesday - recovery
Wednesday - Morning cycling 30.88km
Thursday - rest
Friday - rest
Saturday - rest
Sunday - morning 120km bike ride

Testing the road bike race route 120km with the national riders and the rest of the cyclists was a very good experience. In a way, I'll know that next week will be more painful than today. It will be more faster and you will not know when they are going to attack, so have to be alert.

Today ride was controlled at a speed of 35km/h for the first 30km and the speed is increase to 40km/h for about 15km. After the third sets of 40km/h, I was already too tired and was way behind the group with few other cyclists. Thanks to Halid and Raihaan who keep on pushing us and helping us get back to the main group. At last, I have to follow the escort car from behind (drafting) just to get to the main group. Thanks to Coach Yafiz who was driving the escort car to help me to get to the main group.

Eventhough today test ride was a bit frustrating because I cannot keep up with the group but I'm still determine to join the race next week and I have registered and paid for it. Even more crazierrr, I have also registered for the XC MTB race the day before but that is another story - to do or not to do!!!

Good luck to all the racers especially to the ELITE team. Remember what the Coach said during the briefting, those who win will go the Saudi Arabia to race. So fight for the top spot.

Maju Negara Untuk Sukan, Brunei Yakin...................

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