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Cycling training program for april 2010

An invitation to all cyclists to join the training organize by BDCF.

Below is the training program for the month of April 2010. For this month, it is only endurance training.
5.30pm - E1 (short)
Tuesday8.00am - E1,SE (long)5.30pm - E1,SE (short)
Wednesday8.00am - E1,E2 (long) 5.30pm - E1,E2 (short)
Thursday8.00am - E1 (long)5.30pm - E1,E2 (short)
5.30pm - E1 (short)
Saturday7.00am E1,SE (long)4.30pm E1,E3 (short)
Sunday7.00am E1,E2 (long)

Effort 1 (E1) – Basic Aerobic
Heart Rate (HR): 120-150 bpm
Cadence:: 90-110 rpm
Gearing: 39x16-19
Team Cycle
Speed: 32-35 km/h
E2 – Solid Aerobic HR: 150-175 bpm
Cadence: 90-110 rpm
Gearing: 39x15-17 /53x17-18
Team Cycle
Speed: 37-40 km/h
E3 – Anaerobic Threshold
HR: 175 – 195 bpm
Cadence: 80-100 rpm
Gearing: 53x15-17
Team Cycle
Speed: 42-45 km/h
SE- Strength Endurance
HR: 170-190bpm
Cadence: 60-70rpm
Gearing: 53x12-15
Individual Cycle
Speed: 22-25 km/h

Morning Sessions will start at Stadium Game Village and Afternoon session will start at the Stadium Car Park near the Scoreboard.
All cyclists are welcome to join either in the morning or afternoon or both sessions.

More info from here: FACEBOOK

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