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MT Kinabalu climbathon 2010 registration are now open



Anonymous said...

I have been looking for anyone Bruneians if ada yg. kan join this year's climbathon..I would appreciate if I know if ada org kiani yg kan participate..I have been training for this climbathon for the past year tapi kalau boleh bisai be dgn kalau kan particiate..pls lemme know if ada yg. kan dat I can register ASAP..I'd do intensive training in the weeks to come for that matter..thank you..Rascal J

Anonymous said...

Hi Rascal, I just came back with 3 friends (a Brit and 2 New Zealanders) from Brunei from the climbathon - it was a killer! Pity we didn't get together before hand. Hope your race went well - I am really suffering today. Maybe will see you round Bukit Shabandar one day. Cheers, Terry

anakpanyu said...

the race was great. I've only managed to reach laban rata. i'll come back again. editor