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Brunei CYclists will compete in the 30th asian cycling championship in sharjah uae


6 Brunei top cyclists – 4 Seniors and 2 Juniors will be competing in a 10 days events. Brunei will only be competing in the Road Bike events (the other events is Track Cycling) i.e. Individual Time Trial and Individual Long Distance Road Race

Brunei will be represented by:

IMG_5316 P1170297-1IMG_5315  

  1. Muhammad Raihaan bin Abdul Aziz
  2. Md. Arbe Shadatul Farrani bin Zainul Ariffin  
  3. Muhd Halid bin Sata
  4. Raduan bin Yusof
  5. Ahmad Rafa’ie bin Hj Johor (junior)
  6. Muhammad I'maadi bin Abd Aziz. (junior)

The Selected events are as follows:

  1. 9/4/2010 - 20km ITT JR - Muhammad I'maadi.
  2. 10/4/2010 - 42.6km ITT elite - Reduan Yusof
  3. 11/4/2010 - 113.4km individual road race JR.
    Muhammad I'maadi
    Ahmad Rafa`ie.
  4. 12/4/2010 - 162km individual road race elite.
    Muhammad Raihaan Abd Aziz
    Muhd Halid Sata
    Md Arbe Shadatul Farrani
    Reduan Yusop.

After months of training under the guidance of national coach Muhd Yafiz Jamaludin from Malaysia, BDCF hopes our riders will perform to the best of their abilities. Brunei Yakin! (Extracted from BDCF Facebook Group)

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