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Panaga Triathlon 12/10/14
Sarawak Triathlon 19/10/14

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Week 13 - 28/03/10 - 04/04/10

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Afternoon bike ride 36.47km
Wednesday: Afternoon 5.53km run
Thursday: Afternoon 7km run
Friday: Afternoon 21.78km bike
Saturday: Morning 15km run
Sunday: Labi Ride 73.78km

A full week of cycling and running. 4 more weeks to Borneo Marathon 42km at Kota Kinabalu Sabah and my training are still below average. My left ankle injury is getting worst and I need to get it fix. I think I got 'achilles tendonitis'. Point of reference

Nothing much is happenning in April but in May & June, its gonna be a busy month.

25th April - XPDC MIPR
2nd May - Borneo Marathon 42km
7th to 9th May - Road bike race - Time Trial, Criterium and Road Race
15th May - MTB Bakam Challenge (not joining)
16th May - TelBru Cycling Race
29th May - Singapore Ultramarathon 84km
6th June - Panaga Triathlon
20th June - HSBC 108K
26th June to 3rd July - Pesta Sukan Kebansaan
27th June - Brunei 21km Half Marathon

Keep on training, stay safe and injury free !!!

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