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Sungai akar MTB trails

Location Sg Akar-Salambigar-Mentiri bypass. Opposite the new RTB
Distance ~1.95km
Category Intermediate to Advance Level.
Not recommended for beginner.




The elevation. The long downhill at the end of it is very scary (0.5km mark).


The entrance is from the left and the exit is the right. Clockwise direction. Anticlockwise direction is not recommended unless you are a very good climber. A very looooong climb.


The downhill part. roots everywhere at the bottom of the downhill and a very sharp turn to the right.

P5220500 P5220507

The rideable and smooth singletrack. At least, 3 bridges need to be cross and totally unrideable.

P5220508 P5220510P5220511

Crossing the small stream

P5220514 P5220515P5220516 P5220517  

Again, crossing the small streams.

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