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TelBru cycling race 2010 – the reports

team photo

3 Telbru Personnels, 1 BIBD, 1 B-Mobile and 1 Folec. Pictures taken after the race.

The race was held last Sunday, 16th May 2010. The start and finish was at TelBru headquarter, Old Airport, Berakas. The format of the race was a team of six man and the 5th person crossing the finish line will be the winner for the team.

reza bahar

The team captain – Reza of Folec. Look at the bike numbers. It was so big!!!!

blngteam hsbc

BLNG Team with their sponsored jerseys. HSBC Team with their custom made jerseys

team bibd-baiduri

Team Baiduri and BIBD. 2 cyclists not in the pictures.


It was a 70km race and the route is almost totally flat. Our team at the starting line and next to us is the MIPR’s team with their captain Pehin Yahya. I was a bit nervous whether I can finished the race within the peloton.


After the flagged off, our team try to stay together and if possible to be in front. The speed was mostly maintain around 35km/h. A few times some cyclists would attack but none would follow. I did it a few times just to see if anyone would follow me but they were wise enough not to follow.


After 10km, I felt that this race is very much comfortable and not too much pressure to keep up with the speed. This is one race that I’m going to finish within the peloton.


At the finishing line. Time completed in 2:03:23 hours a distance of 71.64km. Average speed was around 34.8km/h with maximum speed recorded at 55.1km/h.

This is one race that I’ll definitely join again. One Team One Mission. 

 1st place 2nd place 3rd place

The winner (BLNG) get to bring back B$2400 ($400 each person). 2nd and 3rd Place are from TelBru personnel.

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