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busy = sibuk

I've been busy for the past few weeks and even updating my blog, I have to curi curi masa. Busy with bicycle training during the day and at night I'm already too tired to update the blog. This year for the 2nd time, we (Aliuddin, Zaeidi and me) will be participating in the Pesta Sukan Kebangsaan IX - Cycling Event representing Brunei Muara District. It is held every 2 years.

For me, I've participated in PSK 1996 (Kayaking), 2004 & 2006 (Athletics) and 2008 (Cycling). This year, I'm doing the cross country (XC) mountain bike categories. The venue will be at Sungai Basong/Bukit Ambok Tutong. I hoped I'll be able to finish more than 2 laps before being overlap. The race will be this Sunday, 27th June 2010 most probably in the morning - I hoped they will not change the time again.

So no more practice, Relaxing and recovering for the race. But I heard they change the race track again. So need to try the race track again, just to familiarize with the track. Maybe 1 lap is enough.

Keep on practicing.........................

I'll try to upload a few photos from past events that I have not upload yet.

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