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Sundown Ride To KB - Double The Challenge

Events 120km ride from BSB to Kuala Belait
Time & Date Saturday, 2pm, 19th June 2010
Rules & Regulations 1. Start as a group, Finish as a group
2. Ride as a GROUP
3. Enjoy the ride and have fun.
4. Stay Safe and follow the group
5. Work as a team. stay together

A group ride of 120km from Sg Akar to Kuala Belait. Starting at 2pm with speed ranging from 22km/h to 32km/h. Our group will be using Mountain Bikes so speed would be below 30km/h

We recommend that anyone joining this ride should stay riding in a group. Solo riding is NOT welcome. Ride within the speed limit and always wait for the slower cyclists. Super slow cyclists (unfit) are not recommended to join the ride. Get someone to transport you to KB. If the group is BIG then we divide into smaller groups.

Cyclists wanna join this ride can wait at B.Shahbandar or along the route.

Sg Akar - Highway Hassanal Bolkiah - Tungku Link - B.Shahbandar- Tutong Highway – Telisai - Seria Bypass - Seria Town - Jalan Tengah/Jalan Panaga – KB

2:00pm - Start ride from Sg Akar
2:45pm/3pm - Checkpoint stop at B.Shahbandar
- Stopping at various checkpoints when needed
- Reach Kuala Belait before 8pm.
- Rest

Sunday 20th June 7am - HSBC Cycle for Smarter 108Km From KB to Sengkurong

Food and Accommodation at Kuala Belait at your own expenses.

Organiser - Team Anakpanyu. More info contact me at this number 8711825 (Bahar)

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