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Week 28 - 12/07/10 - 18/07/10

Monday - recovery
Tuesday - Night Ride 9.02km
Wednesday - afternoon 21.89km bike ride
Thursday - morning 120km bike ride - Test TelBru race track
Friday - rest
Saturday - morning 55.80km bike ride
Sunday - morning 120km bike ride

A total of 330km bike ride for this week. So far so good. 2 more weeks before race day and I still have time to improve especially on my acceleration and interval/recovery. The registration ended last 16th July and there were 10 Novice teams and 8 Elite teams. For the Novice teams, it gonna be a race to the finishing line because most of the teams are made up strong and moderate/weak cyclists. Maybe 1 or 2 teams are perfectly balance. All members of the teams have to help each other especially the 4th rider, he is the one going to determine the overall result of the team (NOVICE).

Keep on training.....................................

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