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week 29 - 19/07/10 - 25/07/10

Monday - recovery
Tuesday -
Wednesday - morning 14.76km hill training and afternoon 42.67km bike ride
Thursday -
Friday -
Saturday - morning 51.08 km hill training
Sunday - morning 120km bike ride and afternoon Ultimate Frisbee tournament at Seria

Late afternoon rains keep on pouring down, making it difficult for us to train and forcing us to do it early morning. Yesterday, was the last 120km bike ride before the actual race next week on 1st August 2010. I feel I can finish the race within the peloton. Hopefully I can get enough sleep, rest and carbo loading.

After the 120km bike ride, went back home, had a quick shower and road trip to Seria to my in-laws around 11:45am. Had a quick lunch and went to Brunei Shell Recreational Club around 1:30pm to watch the first ever Brunei Ultimate Frisbee tournament. From watching to throwing the disc and finally I ended up playing in the tournament. It was really fun and I enjoyed it very much. Its good to divert your mind from cycling and play other sports. After the bike race, I'm going to start running again. The last run I did was the Singapore Sundown Marathon (29th May 2010). I need to train for the Mt.Kinabalu International Climbathon to be held 23rd/24th October 2010. More trail running............

Keep on training.............................

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