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week 30 - 26/07/10 - 01/08/08

Monday - recovery
Tuesday - recovery
Wednesday - afternoon 27.54km
Thursday - afternoon 35.77km
Friday -rest
Saturday - rest
Sunday - TelBru Cycling Race 87.54km

12 hours before the race, all novice team managers were called for an emergency briefing. The race for Novice category have been change

Distance - 120km 87km

Start Time - 7am 8:30am

No more +30sec for the Elite cyclists joining the novice race

Most of the cyclists have been training for 120km, thus changing the distance to 87km would make almost everyone happy especially to those cyclists yang kurang latihan. With the distance shorten, the speed will become much faster as compared if it was 120km. My average speed was around 36km/h and I guessed some have an average speed of 38 or 39km/h.

Out of 12 novice team, our team (TEAM ANAKPANYU) got 4th place losing 6 points to 3rd place winner. There were some mix up in the points calculation but it was sorted out and those teams that deserve to win got their prize money. Congratulations to ALL the winners.

There were 3 accidents during the race and a few wheels bumping.

1 accident - Elite categories - the accidents occurred with the Telbru Elite cyclists who were left behind by the super fast elite. The accidents occurred among themselves, so no elite cyclists got involved in the accidents

2 accidents - novice categories.

The first accidents occurred somewhere near Tungku Beach heading to Tutong highway. The accidents occurred in front of me. I really don't know what causes it, but he suddenly fell down, the cyclists next to him hit him and brought down a few cyclists. I've managed to avoid the accidents. It occurred at the front of the peloton. So when the accidents occurred, a few cyclists tried to take advantage of the situation and try to breakaway. But a few cyclists shouted at them to slow down. In my opinion, when there is a mishap don't try to take advantage of situation. Play fair. Wait for all the cyclists to regroup. Even when we play football, when there is an injured player in the field, we kick the ball out of the field, so that the game can be stop and the injured player can be look at. Winning is winning but how you win it is another thing. At the time of accidents, there was no attack or someone attempting to breakaway, everyone was 'cruising' along. It was still a big group - PELOTON. If there was an attack or breakaway before the accidents, then go ahead, it is your rights.

The 2nd accidents occurred on the way back near Rimba Bridge. It also occurred in front of me. There were around 9 cyclists in the group. 3 cyclists from my team was also in the group. The 2nd cyclists in front lost control of the bicycle and fall down, bringing with him 2 other cyclists including one of my teammates. My other teammates and me managed to avoid the accidents.

In terms of management, it could have been done better but due to last minute changes of the race, everything got 'kucar-kacir' . The walkie talkie did not work properly, so feeding cars don't know when to go in-front to feed their cyclists. So some feeders just feed their cyclists in-front of the pack instead of the back of the pack.

Overall it was a good race. Good exposure for the beginner/novice since the distance is not too short, not too long. It was just nice for those trying to feel the racing atmosphere. Once again, congratulations to ALL the cyclists.

Keep on cycling...................................Play Fair and Sportsmanship -> the way to go  

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