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Week 36 to week 37


Last day of fasting month, I did not do any running or cycling. I’ve been busy with Sungkai’ing outside. Heavy buffet everyday.

First day of Hari Raya, before going to Hari Raya Pray, I went for a quick 5km early morning run and since that I’ve been running everyday ranging from 7km to 1km. On top of that, I’ve also started cycling and swimming. I’m planning to keep on running everyday up to the race day – 24th October.

I’m trying my best to prepare for the Kinabalu Climbathon race – A race to the top of Mount Kinabalu. My target (hopefully) is to reach to the top of Mount Kinabalu within the time limit of 2:30 hours (or +20 mins). If I can finish the race i.e. reach to the finishing line at the bottom of the mountain within 2 hours (from top to bottom), that would be great, but it wouldn’t be possible.  Looking at last year results, only 40% reached to the top of the mountain and out of that 40% only 13 climbers did not reach to the finishing line within the time limit.


169 starters – 67 reached to the top – 54 finished the race – 115 DNF


Need to reach to the top of the Mountain………………..

Friday, 10/09 – 5.13km run / 28:54mins
Saturday, 11/09 – 41.13km run bike / 1:21:47 and 1.93km run / 9:53mins (brick training)
Sunday, 12/09 – 6.30km run / 1:08:47 (B.Salilah)
Monday, 13/09 – 1.01km run / 5:01mins
Tuesday, 14/09 – 4.37km run / 22:01km
Wednesday, 15/09 – 1.01km run / 5:09mins and 41.11 km bike ride / 1:18:17
Thursday, 16/09 – 5.10km / 29:42mins
Friday, 17/09 – 1.77km run / 10:14 mins
Saturday, 18/09 – 7.24km run / 43:20mins
Sunday, 19/09 – 1.76km run / 9:53mins and 72.83km bike ride / 2:21:56
Monday, 20/09 – 5.13km run / ????
Tuesday, 21/09 – 2.??km run / 13:56mins


Keep on running…………………..

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